David E Stevens was the offspring of a scientist and artist. A Navy Commander and F-18 pilot, he survived hundreds of his own carrier landings. He holds engineering degrees from Cornell and the University of Michigan, with graduate work in human factors and astrophysics. During the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Dave served as the Navy Strike Operations Officer for the Persian Gulf. He also test-piloted new fighters, received an aviation patent, and with a Top Secret clearance, led classified defense programs that included...
His travels have taken him all over the world.
The accuracy of these stories hinge on the expertise of many, from physicists to philosophers, editors to authors, literary agents to federal agents. Special thanks to my courageous publisher Tony Collins of Lion Hudson, Noelle Pederson of Kregel and my Literary Agent, Terry Burns. Terry, an award winning author, was ranked as one of the top ten agents by Publishers Marketplace. I'm also very grateful to my brilliantly talented editors, Normandie Fischer, Ryan Deken and Jenny Ward. A huge thanks to the subject matter experts and reviewers who gave generously of their time, talent and knowledge.
Special thanks to Dr Bill Napier and Dr Joe Veverka, two of the world's leading experts in planetary astrophysics, Astronaut Ken Bowersox, Admiral Joe Dyer, Assistant DA Amy Eisenbeck, Police Chief Jay Jost, tactical pilots Chris Boblit and Jim Roberts, Winston Broad, Reed DeVries, Nikko Dutton, Tommy Harper, John Marshall, Cherry and Jerry Meadows, Dan Smith and Scott Straub. A few remain unnamed, due to the dangerous work they do to keep the world safe.

I also want to thank the many awesome reviewers, authors, friends and family who helped me craft a better story. They include: Joe and Linda Baggett, Vince Battistone, Stan Boyd, Jackie Bray, Albert Comulado, Victoria Comulado, Naomi Chuckwuk, Lori Davidson, Lori Derr, Susan Dyer, Lester and Margaret Eisenbeck, Susan Femino, Ken and Lisa Farnham, Tim Goad, Rob Gryger, Lesia Harper, Laura Stevens-Hawkins, Kathy Heard, Chandler Johnson, Christian Johnson, Judy Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Rob King, Leslee Kitchings, Tracy Kuhar, Krisit Kyle, Tim Hendricks, Mike Lee, Sheila Mannion, Nancy Mayhew, Steve McQueen, Gene Mixson, Molly Mueller, Mary Ann Moore, Richard Mustakos, Pat O'Neal, Mike Pasternack, Lee Person, Cletus Pew, Brett Sappington, Betsy Smith, Ray Stone, Bart Waggoner and Pat Weiler.





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